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TheRoache-Turner Brothers

Forging ahead.

Following the success of their breakout feature film Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (which hit #1 on Netflix), the Roache-Turner brothers have premiered Nekrotronic (starring Monica Bellucci and David Wenham) in official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival. The brothers have an exciting slate of dramatically driven genre projects currently in development.

“We’re huge fans of genre films and TV series" says Kiah (Writer & Director) "and powerful drama plays a huge role in making an impact. Films such as Mad Max and Evil Dead are hugely inspiring and equally so are Paris, Texas and Mississippi Burning. New TV series like Billions and Walking Dead have taken television to a new level - these are the kind of stories we want to bring to life, propelling them forwards with our own original tone and style."

‘We've come here to kick ass and chew bubble gum.. and we're all outta bubble gum.’
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