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US Distribution with IFC Midnight secured for Wyrmwood.. Oh Sh*t Yeah :)

Today is a very proud moment for the Roache-Turner Brothers and their awesome fans.. Wyrmwood has secured US Distribution with IFC Midnight and Canadian Distribution with Raven Banner which is no small feat for a tiny, hard-core little indie horror flick.. a big thanks to XYZ Film Sales for making this happen and a big thanks to IFC Midnight and Raven Banner for showing faith in us and the Australian Horror market 🙂 .. honourable mention goes to Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central and Arrow in the Head for getting the news out there.. and helping us get Wyrmwood to our North American fans as quickly as possible.. Cheers Lads!

The Video That Started It All…

by Wyrmwood - Sun 9th November, 2014

A quick walk down memory lane.. this is the first video that we posted to Indiegogo to kick off our crowd funding campaign way back in the day 🙂

WYRMWOOD – At Fantastic Fest 2014

WYRMWOOD – At Fantastic Fest 2014

by Wyrmwood - Sun 28th September, 2014

This past week at Fantastic Fest 2014 has been phenomenal. The exciting reception that we received from all of the legends at this exceptionally unreal conglomeration of original and creative world cinema was nothing short of.. well.. fantastic 🙂

As a first festival experience you could not find a friendlier bunch of fellow movie makers, organizers and fans alike to share a totally kick-ass celebration of what we all do and love.

It was a totally amazing and humbling experience to fill two separate cinemas each time we screened Wyrmwood and to have an appreciative (and slightly innebriated) crowd lap it up and cheer loudly at the end was mind-blowing. We had so many cast & crew members in town that the Q&A sessions afterwards ended up being joyful free-for-all’s with the anecdotes, jokes & stories flying back and forth faster than we could pass the microphone:)

We’re writing this post from LA and we’re all missing Austin, Texas like a valued severed limb but as all the reviews start trickling in and we slowly begin to understand how the global community feels about our film … well, let’s just say I think we did something pretty bloody special.

The four solid years of blood, sweat, tears & toil that we all poured into this movie is beginning to pay off … check out the reviews below – they are pretty friggen’ amazing:

It Begins

It Begins

by Wyrmwood - Fri 12th September, 2014

Wyrmwood has finished principle photography and is entering the editing suite. Exciting times. As the official WW behind the scenes documentary photographer/videographer I discovered on finishing production there are thousands of images and video displaying the tenacity, talent, and sheer willpower that has brought this production together. it is made of sweat, tears, blood, prosthetics and a fair bit of mud. As an independent and crowd funded Australian action/horror feature film in the making, I thought it was unfair to keep these incredible behind the scenes antics to myself and want to share them with old and new Wyrmwood fans. It has been a long three years, but we have a lot to show for it. Proof that perseverance pays off. In the coming blogs you will meet the wacky loveable characters that make up the Wyrmwood World and have given it it’s heart and soul.